City of Greenfield exploring federal grant funds for housing rehabilitation

Attention Greenfield Homeowners

The City of Greenfield is exploring the possibility of applying for federal grant funds to implement a housing rehabilitation program for owner-occupied homes.  To determine if interest is strong enough to seek the grant this fall, the City is asking interested homeowners within the target area shown to fill out and return housing rehabilitation pre-applications.  Applicants must own their home (outright or with a mortgage), have a modest income, reside there most of the time, and maintain continuous homeowner’s insurance.  The homes must have need for rehabilitation to fix deficiencies.  This is not merely a remodeling or modernization program. 

It is important that many interested households respond.  Pre-applications are short survey forms that take only a few minutes to fill out at no cost.  The City will be reaching out to homeowners in November.  Owners can also apply at city hall, contact SICOG, or fill out an online pre-application form at

Pre-applications are due December 2 at city hall, SICOG, or on-line.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Rebecca Haase at City Hall, 641.743.2183 or Joel Lamb at Southern Iowa Council of Governments at 641.782.8491 or

The City of Greenfield is an equal housing provider.

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