Pancake Supper was a success

The Pancake Supper was a success!  Thanks to all the volunteers that come out to help with the event and to everyone that attends!

Core committee: Gina Wallace, Jim & Bonnie Stalder

Event Set-Up: Todd Jones, Chair

Helpers: Todd Olson, Mike Ladd, Clint Hight, Brian Eisbach, Josh Rardin, Keving Wynn & Doug Wallace

Pancake Mixers: Lynne Don Carlos, Chair

Helpers: Marijke Brown, Mary Powell & Abby Engels 

Cooks: Jim Stalder & Larry Riley, Co-Chairs

Helpers: Marc Don Carlos, Tim Foster, Tom Walk, Alex Rolfes, Jared Masker & Kris Schildberg

Sausage: Payl Nelson, Chair

Helpers: Lynn Christensen, Bev Marnin & Peg Scott

Refreshments: Jennifer Garside, Morgan Antisdel & Jane Ernst - Chairs

Helpers: Michelle Kernen, Katelyn Garside, Dan Wells, Jessica Foster, Bob Weiland & Marcia Kralik

Waiters/Waitresses: Julie Harter, Lynette Olson, Kelly Mitchell & Bob Guikema - Chairs

Helpers: Shannon Hoadly, Mindy Comstock, Cari Israel, Casey Berlau, Janelle Schneider, Jayne Lents, Chandra Mc Cann, Gail & Sharon Steward, and Rob Reeves

Cashiers: Jean Guikema, Chair 

Helpers: Linda Sidey, Ardith Buckner, Eileen Armstrong, Kathy Foster, Jimmie & Rena Freeland, Carol Woosley & Bill Yount

Kitchen Clean up: Barb Riley, Chair

Helpers: Rebecca Haase, Jenice Wallace and Peggy Jorgensen

Event Clean-up: John Gruss, Chair

Helpers: Leon Schwartz, Dr. Tim Piearson, Wade Wagner, Bill Mather, Terry Schneider, Todd Hull, Charlie Dunn

We served 598 people and profitted just over $1000!

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