Community Impact Awards presented at the Annual Meeting

Greenfield Chamber/Main Street presented the Community Impact Awards – a first time effort in awarding local businesses for their efforts in each of the Four Points of the Main Street program. There were twenty three separate nominations.  Awards went to Wendy Sheeder owner of the Grand Theatre for Business Improvement, Warren Cultural Center for Design, Barb Riley for Organization and First National Bank for Promotions.
The Business Improvement award is given to an individual or business that has taken the initiative to develop, continue or expand a business in Greenfield.  Nominations cited what a large investment it was for a small business & that many towns Greenfield’s size do not have a theatre – it’s a great resource and amenity for our entire community.
The Design award is given to an individual, business or organization that completed a physical improvement that enhanced or positively contributed to the overall look of the town.  Nominations complement the impact of the WCC to the community both visually and economically.  
The Organization award is given to a volunteer that has freely given of his or her time for the betterment of the community and the Chamber/Main Street & Development organization.  Barb Riley kept the Chamber/Main Street office open and running during the summer. She coordinated 9 volunteers & created training materials for them. She also helped plan the pancake supper in addition to her other volunteer activities and support for the community.
The Promotion award is given to individuals/businesses that solely or collaboratively completed a promotion that created community spirit or enhanced the community image.  The award for 2012 went to First National Bank for sponsoring “The Emerald City” bus tours.  Over the past 3 years, these bus tours have brought over 500 visitors to Greenfield. The bank invested both their own funds and employee time as Jennifer Garside served as the tour guide. The tours introduced visitors to a variety of our local attractions and allowed time for shopping and meals. This program helped our local retailers and businesses while introducing others to what our community has to offer.

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